Hickey Law Firm, P.A. Files Suit On Behalf of Minor Who Was Injured on the Carnival Splendor

The following is an excerpt from a lawsuit that Hickey Law Firm, P.A. filed on behalf of a minor who was injured aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise ship. The minor and her mother suffered serious slip and fall injuries due to Carnival’s negligence. 

“Because Carnival failed to properly monitor, clean, and dry a slick and dangerous condition existing on the tile floor in the passenger walkway leading to the kids club on Deck 10, B.R. and her mother, slipped, fell, and injured themselves on March 11, 2018. CARNIVAL allowed the black tile flooring to remain wet for an extended period. At 6:00 pm, B.R. and her mother walked from the dining room up to Deck 10 to check out the kids club. The kids club was closed until 7:00 pm. At least an hour later, B.R. and her mother returned to Deck 10 to visit the kids club. The black shiny tile flooring prevented, passengers like B.R., from seeing large puddles on the floor.”

“The puddle that B. R. slipped in was at least four feet by four feet in diameter. B.R. hit her face on the tile when she slipped and fell. B.R.’s mother also slipped and fell on the title floor. There were two CARNIVAL crewmembers dressed in black on the other end of the corridor. The crewmembers were buffing the floor. However, there were no warning signs in the area where the crewmembers were working and there were no warning signs in the area where the incident occurred.”

“As a result of the CARNIVAL’s negligence, B.R. suffers severe and permanent injuries to her mouth, trauma to her gums and teeth, which required oral surgery, and may require future dental procedures. These are extremely painful injuries. The loss of central incisors caused  a speech impediment and will continue to cause severe nerve damage to the central incisors. The permanent impairment caused to the root structure of the central incisors due to the blunt force trauma from B.R’s fall will continue into maturity.”

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