Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Deaths of Two Cave Divers

Hernando County officials are investigating the deaths of two cave divers at a local wildlife park.

WSVN.com reports that on Wednesday afternoon a teen dialed 911 during a day trip to Buford Springs Cave. The teen had apparently been in contact with two cave divers earlier in the day. Following the conversation, the divers went diving, later came back up, and then appeared to go diving again.

“The juveniles believed the discussion was in regards to going back down into the ‘cave’ and whether or not they had enough air in their tanks to complete their dive,” said the Sheriff’s office. Sometime after the divers went back into the water the teens spotted one of the divers floating facedown.

“Neither of the divers had any obvious signs of trauma and both appeared to have the appropriate diving equipment. It is unknown at this time if all the equipment was working properly,” said the Sheriff’s office.

The victims are identified as 63-year-old Rodrick Gambrell and 52-year-old Todd Richard McKenna.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the deaths.

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