Hands-Free Devices May Not Reduce Distraction

Hands-free devices like talk-to-text and voice-activated infotainment systems have become standard features in passenger vehicles. Partly an attempt at improved safety, partly in response to nationwide bans on cellphone use while driving, these devices give the impression of reducing distraction. Unfortunately, study after study after study has found that hands-free devices simply do not live up to this promise.

Some studies have found that visual distraction is increased when using hands-free devices. Ironic, in that these devices are specifically intended to eliminate visual distraction. Worse still, errors, typos, and misheard commands often require manual correction. This adds manual distraction as drivers proof and edit texts.

Many studies into the ways hands-free devices impact drivers suggest cognitive distraction is actually increased with their use. Cognitive distraction is perhaps the most dangerous. If a driver’s attention is on an infotainment system or crafting a text or doing anything at all not related to driving, everyone on the road is at risk.

Hands-free devices require attention. That attention, when driving, needs to be paid to the road.

Proving Distraction

The NHTSA suggests that distracted driving is woefully underreported as a cause of motor vehicle accidents. Even so, distraction is considered to be a factor in tens of thousands of accidents in Florida every year. It is not always easy to establish that distraction was a contributing factor, however.

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