General Motors Is Expanding its Chevy Bolt Recall

As major automakers attempt to enter the electric vehicle market, some are experiencing technical issues that can put customers a risk. In the most recent instance of such technical problems, General Motors has announced that is expanding its recall of Chevy Bolt vehicles.

The reports that GM has announced a recall of Chevy Bolt vehicles through the 2022 model year. The recall now covers all 141,000 Bolts that are in production, going back to model year 2017.

The problem with the vehicles is that they suffer from a defect that can cause the batteries to overheat, potentially leading to fire.

GM reportedly attempted to fix the problem last November with a software update, but two additional fires occurred after the recall including one Bolt that previously had its software updated in a recall.

The threat posed by unrepaired vehicles is so significant that GM has advised owners not to park the vehicles inside overnight.

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