Four People Injured Following Fort Lauderdale Boat Crash

Four people were injured in a boat crash in Fort Lauderdale late last month, in an incident that was reminiscent of similar crashes which occurred earlier in Miami.

News video showed the 42-foot 4-engine vessel on its side in the location where it crashed into a jetty. Officers with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to the emergency and assisted the victims, two of whom had been ejected from the vessel. 

BSFR Lt. Andres Hernandez said that authorities did not know what caused the crash, and speculated that perhaps the boaters did not see the rocks. “Maybe they weren’t following their guides and their beacon lights to let them know where [the jetty] ends and when it starts,” he said.

Rescuers removed all four of the victims from the scene of the crash within about 20 minutes of arriving. Three of the victims were treated for minor injuries. Rescuers airlifted the final victim to Broward Health Center with serious injuries. 

The crash was reminiscent of similar crashes at Government Cut in Miami. Florida Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and two of his friends were killed when the boat in which they were riding crashed into a jetty at Government Cut in 1996.