Four More Bodies Pulled from Champlain Towers South Rubble

Authorities have located four more bodies following the demolition of the Champlain Towers South. reports that officials announced the discovery on Monday, bringing the confirmed death count to 28 and leaving 117 people missing.

The discovery comes after the Champlain Towers South was demolished on Sunday night. Following the collapse of the towers the building was left partially standing, posing a significant risk to rescue workers and necessitating demolition.

Rescue workers were reportedly back on the job in the early morning Monday hours, say local officials. “The demolition was executed flawlessly. And the rescue team said none of the existing pile, where there are victims still, was affected,” said Surfside Mayor Charles.

The demolition allowed rescue workers to access previously inaccessible parts of the site.

Meanwhile, CBS Miami reports on the evacuation of two other Miami-area buildings following the Champlain South collapse. Authorities evacuated the Crestview Towers, which is about 7 miles from Miami, on suspicion of potentially catastrophic defects. They also evacuated a 3-level building on Lenox Ave. in Miami Beach. 

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