Former Univision Producer Charged With Using Position To Sexually Batter Women During Auditions

A former television producer is facing multiple criminal charges after he allegedly sexually assaulted various women. reports that while Enrique Albis-Masot worked as a producer for Univision he allegedly abused his position by targeting victims who had come in for auditions.

In one situation Albis-Masot allegedly told a woman, who was coming in for an audition, to wear a wetsuit. He then “pushed the victim onto a sofa and pulled her hair while forcibly attempting to remove the wetsuit.” He managed to practically remove the wetsuit while sexually battering the alleged victim.

According to Univision Albis-Masot was not authorized to conduct auditions or hire talent. “As soon as we learned of these allegations, we initiated an internal investigation, collaborated with authorities and terminated Mr. Albis’ employment in 2019,” the company said in the statement.

Albis-Masot faces charges including sexual battery and false imprisonment.

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