Ford Recalls Over 80,000 Trucks Due to Windshields That Can Come Loose in a Crash

Auto giant Ford is recalling tens of thousands of vehicles due to a manufacturing defect that left the vehicles’ windshields insufficiently fixed in place. reports that Ford is recalling 87,350 F-Series trucks, model year 2020-21, “because the front windshields are inadequately bonded to the vehicle body structure.” During a crash, the windshields may break free from the body of the truck and increase the likelihood of passenger injury.

The report indicates that approximately 79,000 of the recalled vehicles are within U.S. territory, while the remaining vehicles are abroad. Ford says it will notify owners of affected vehicles during the coming weeks about how to take their trucks in to have the windshields repaired.

Apparently, Ford has been having issues with its new vehicle launches. The company also recently recalled Ford Broncos due to suspension problems.

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