Follow Up to Yesterday’s Post About Great Stirrup Cay Drownings

As a follow up to yesterday’s cruise ship injury post relating to the two recent drownings on Great Stirrup Cay, we wanted to bring you into the discussion in the comments section on’s write up on the incident. Many people chimed in to give their takes on the drowning of the Chinese woman in the waters off the Norwegian Cruise Lines owned island in late June.

One commenter, identified as Renee, indicated that Norwegian did not have the proper medical equipment, writing “it also put a damper on our vacation just to see that they did not have the proper medical equipments.”

Another commenter, identified as L Augustine, said that the Norwegian Sky personnel were not properly trained, saying “Passengers were outraged on how untrained, unprofessional the medical staff did medical care, delayed patient care and transport. They clearly were not prepare nor did they have the proper equipment to work a cardiac arrest.”

L Augustine later added some measures that can be taken to help make the swimming area safer, including:

  • More life guards
  • Restrict area for swimming, snorkeling
  • Instructing staff on how to do breaths correctly, in order to get adequate chest rise.

A commenter, identified as Dr. Punita Shah, reported to have been at the scene and attempted to help, saying “I was on this cruise with my family and swimming in the ocean when my son said there were people shouting help on the beach. I quickly swam ashore to where all the people were and saw the lady lying on the stretcher…..”

Click here if you would like to read the complete write-up of the incident and the comments from eyewitnesses.