Florida Driver Sought After Leaving The Scene of Crash Involving School Bus

Okalossa authorities are searching for an SUV driver who fled the scene of a 4-vehicle crash involving a school bus. 

NWFDailyNews.com reports that the crash occurred at approximately 6:45 am Monday when a person driving an SUV crashed into two vehicles and a school bus. The SUV first struck a car driven by a 16-year-old teenage girl, plowing her car into the vehicle in front of her which was driven by a 16-year-old teenage boy. The Florida Highway Patrol says that this caused the second car to crash into a school bus. 

After the crash, the SUV’s driver fled the scene. Authorities describe the vehicle as black but are unsure as to any additional defining features such as make, model, or tag number. 

Authorities transported the teenage boy to a local medical facility with minor injuries. No one else was reported injured in the crash.