Florida Boy Develops Sepsis While Sailing on Cruise Ship

After suffering what seemed to be a normal cut on his eyelid shortly before going on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, Roman Mejias’ mother treated the cut with Neosporin. But instead of beginning to heal like a normal cut, over several days Roman’s cut developed sepsis and his eye eventually grew to the size of a golfball.


“I noticed his eyelid was like five times the size of regular,” said Roman’s mother Nicole reports ABCActionNews.com.

As the cruise the family was on a cruise to Mexico without passports, which weren’t required, they could not seek treatment in Mexico. The family sought treatment in the ship’s infirmary instead, resulting in a medical bill over $13,000. Initially, the cruise company required the Mejias to pay the bill before they allowed the family to leave the ship. But eventually, the family was able to disembark after paying $6,000 and promising to pay the rest within 10 days.

Roman was admitted to an Orlando area hospital where doctors are now monitoring his condition. They are hoping that the sepsis did not travel to his brain.