Final Cruise Ship Carrying Passengers Arrives At Port In Germany

Months after the world changed with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the final cruise ship carrying passengers has arrived at port.

On Monday, the MV Artania cruise ship finished a six-month voyage around the world as it pulled into port at Bremerhaven, Germany. reports that the ship’s voyage was anything but typical as the Artania was forced to change its itinerary numerous times as coronavirus wreaked havoc on the global travel system.

Two and a half months after setting sail on a 140-day itinerary from Hamburg, Germany on December 21, 2019, the Artania was struck by coronavirus when 36 passengers tested positive. What followed was common among many cruise ships during that time period, massive quarantine of passengers, continuing contagion, and death. The article indicates that at least three passengers who were on the Artania have since died.

In all, only eight passengers made the entire voyage, with many having disembarked along the way. The ship was diverted numerous times including making stops to facilitate sick passengers receiving medical treatment and other stops to repatriate crewmembers.

In addition to the eight passengers, reports that approximately 75 crew members remained aboard the ship until it arrived at Bremerhaven.