Dream Cruises Tests Roller coaster – Plans To Install It on Cruise Ship

Cruising is set to get more exciting, and perhaps a lot more dangerous, as a cruise line is in the process of testing a roller coaster on land, with the intention of installing it on a cruise ship in the future. 

FoxBusiness.com reports that Dream Cruises is testing its so-called Space Cruiser Coaster, which the company hopes will be the longest roller coaster at sea. German manufacturer Maurer AG is building the attraction and plans to install it on the Global Dream cruise ship, which is set to launch in December. 

“We are thrilled with the progress of the construction of the roller coaster and are excited to unveil this ride to our guests when our ship launches,” said Dream Cruises president Michael Goh.

The tests are currently underway and “will be used to test the installation methodology specially designed for ship assembly. Furthermore, the conductor rail and gear rack along the roller coaster track, which is necessary for the generation and transmission in the electric motor, can be installed on land in advance,” said Marco Hartwig of Maurer.

The ride is being tested on a 994-foot track that can propel three vehicles to 37 miles per hour.