Doctors Save Arm of Jacksonville Man Involved in Boating Crash

A Jacksonville man is recovering following a boating incident that nearly cost him his arm. reports that James Raulerson was fishing in a boat on sisters Creek earlier this month when his 16-foot boat struck a wake from a larger vessel that apparently had cut his boat off.

The impact ejected him from his boat, throwing him in the water. The boat’s propeller struck his arm and left it badly damaged. “The nose of my boat plowed, and it turned left, and I was ejected immediately off the side of the boat…And that’s when the propeller chewed my arm up,” Raulerson said.

As the pilotless boat ran in circles Raulerson said he screamed for help. Eventually, a father and son came to his aid. First responders rushed Raulerson to University of Florida Health Jacksonville.

Raulerson suffered severe injuries to his arm but doctors were able to save it.

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