Doctors Announce Revolutionary Device to Detect TBI

In a major development for the detection and treatment of traumatic brain injury, researchers have announced a test that can reportedly detect traumatic brain injuries in under 15 minutes. reports that the apparatus is manufactured by medical device manufacturer Abbott. In a statement, Dr. Beth McQuiston, medical director for Abbott’s diagnostic businesses said: “This is a huge milestone that has never been done before — a blood test for the brain. “Until now, health care providers have needed to rely on subjective measurements for TBIs, but we finally have a more objective tool to help evaluate patients.” 

Traumatic brain injuries are characterized by a disruption in normal brain function stemming from a blow to the head, ABC News reports. According to the CDC, TBI-related hospitalizations and deaths reached nearly 3 million in 2014 alone and are considered a major cause of death and disability in the United States. 

Until now, has been difficult to diagnose TBI quickly, due to the lack of objective testing. Now, if the Abbott test proves successful, that situation could soon change. 

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