Dispute Arises Surrounding Circumstances Leading to Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death

In the hours following the death of an 18 month old toddler, who fell from a cruise ship over the weekend, reports indicated that her grandfather had been involved in her death. While some reports said that he had accidentally dropped her from the 11th floor of the ship after he slipped, other reports indicated that he had been dangling the girl over the side of the ship when she slipped from his grasp. Now, the girl’s family is disputing these reports. 

Time.com reports that baby Chloe’s family is disputing a report by Puerto Rican police that indicates that her grandfather was dangling her outside a window of the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas when she slipped from his hands. The family’s attorney says that Chloe fell because of an “an open glass pane that should have been closed securely.” 

Chloe’s family insists that she was playing in a kids’ area of the ship when she asked her grandfather to lift her to a wall of windows so that she could bang on them as she had seen her brothers do at hockey games. Thinking that he was lifting her towards a window, her grandfather picked her up and only realized that there was no glass there when it was too late. 

Chloe’s grandfather is under investigation.