Did the Disney Cruise Line Crew Member Have More Child Sex Assault Victims?

Last week the travel industry was rocked by the reported arrest of a former Disney Cruise Line worker who is accused of having sexually assaulted a child in his care. Considering that the suspected perpetrator, 25-year-old Oliver Lovatt, would presumably have had numerous children in his care over time, many are wondering if he may have abused others as well.

MiamiHerald.com reports that Lovatt was serving as a “youth host” aboard the ship when the incident occurred. Lovatt reportedly touched the 10-year-old’s victim’s genitals through his clothes multiple times as the victim played a game in a kids’ area of the ship. Authorities say that the incident was caught on surveillance video, which may have helped implicate Lovatt, who reportedly confessed to the crime. 

Though there have been no public reports of additional victims, it remains entirely possible that Lovatt may have victimized other children, who may not have reported the violation. This is one of the primary reasons that it is so important that parents talk to their children about how to identify inappropriate touching (and other kinds of inappropriate conduct) by adults, and instruct children to report such conduct immediately. 

Considering Lovatt’s position of authority over children aboard the ship, it is possible the the one victim who has come forward is not the only victim. But for now, it is impossible to know if Lovatt victimized other children. 

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