Despite Rule Changes Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Claims Another Life in Miami

Another person has died in Miami while receiving a popular Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery procedure. reports that 46-year-old New York native Gia Romualdo-Rodriguez traveled to Miami to undergo multiple cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast enhancements and a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. As Dr. Stephanie Stover worked on Romualdo-Rodriguez at the Xiluet clinic in Miami, Romualdo-Rodriguez suffered an embolism that blocked a blood vessel, putting her life in jeopardy.

Dr. Stover called 911, which then rushed Romualdo-Rodriguez to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Doctors pronounced Romualdo-Rodriguez dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Officials ruled the death an accident resulting from the fat injection into Romualdo-Rodriguez’s buttocks.

According to the Miami Herald, since 2010 at least 20 people have died in Miami while undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. The Metro article says that officials have attempted to make the procedure safer by banning injections into the patient’s gluteal muscles because of the dangers that the procedure will affect the gluteal vein. Though the rules indicate that surgeons should inject fat into the area below the skin and above the muscle, reportedly at least three people have died since the rules have gone into place.