Davie Driver Apparently Blacks Out – Crashes into Residence

A vehicle was involved in a collision with a residence in Davie Thursday.

Local10.com reports that the incident occurred in the 9300 block of Old Orchard Road in Forest Ridge. As homeowner Pearla McMasters was working on her computer a car came crashing through her front window. McMasters described the incident as being similar to a bomb going off.

Despite the danger of the situation, McMasters suffered only minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into McMasters’ residence also reportedly suffered minor injuries, but rescue workers did transport him to the hospital.

Apparently, the vehicle diver had recently had surgery, which may have contributed to the crash. “The guy had told [the firefighter] that he had just had neck surgery. He had blacked out and he didn’t remember anything,” witness Holly Svekis told Local10.com.

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