Cruise Workers Reportedly Stage Hunger Strike To Force Company To Send Them Home

Cruise companies are slowly repatriating a massive number of crew members who remain stuck aboard over a hundred vessels throughout the world. The conditions aboard the ships have been understandably dismal as the workers slowly lose hope of going home anytime soon. While most crew members are biding their time and hoping to go home promptly, some are taking more extreme measures in an attempt to force their employers to let them off their respective ships. reports that 15 workes, stranded aboard the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas for nearly two months, recently began a hunger strike in an attempt to force the company’s hand and allow them to go home. “My mental health is degrading,” FoxNews quotes one of the group of Romanian workers as saying.“We do not have any more hope,” the worker added. 

Royal Caribbean spokesperson Jonathon Fishman said that the workers spoke with the ship’s captain on Friday and that the situation was resolved. But the workers told the Miami Herald that their protest would continue. 

For its part, Royal Caribbean said says that it has already repatriated 15,000 employees and that the company would soon be sending the stranded Romanainan protesters home as well. 

“We are working with the Government of Barbados to repatriate many of our crew on charter flights and have already successfully completed two charters from the island. The Romanian crew are scheduled on a charter flight from Barbados on May 21,” Fishman reported.