Norwegian Cruise Line Faulty Stairwell Design Causes Fractured Arm

Earlier this week we blogged about a complaint that we filed on behalf of a Norwegian Cruise Lines passengers who was injured on the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship due to faulty stairwell design. But the Getaway is not the only Norwegian ship that suffers from hazardous stairwells. Below, we present an excerpt of a lawsuit we filed on behalf of a different Norwegian passenger who was injured due to faulty stairwell design on the Norwegian Epic cruise ship.

“NCL know that its restaurant requires passengers to walk up and down its steps and/or stairwells.  NCL knew long before this incident that NCL’s indoor steps and/or stairwells are extremely and unreasonably dangerous.  NCL chose or certainly knew about the fact that the steps and/or staircase had a base structure beneath and obstructed from view by the railings.  This hidden and/or obstructed base structure of the steps and/or stairwell violated industry and safety standards for steps.  The dangerous nature of the stairs and/or steps between indoor decks is an ongoing, continuous problem on all NCL’s fleet including the Norwegian Epic.

On May 31, 2019, NCL provided only one set of steps and/or a stairwell between Deck 16 to Deck 15 for its passengers, including [The Plaintiff], to get to NCL’s La Cucina Italian Restaurant.  NCL also had a nearby elevator, but NCL put a sign on the elevator warning and/or advising passengers, including [The Plaintiff], that the elevator was only for handicapped persons.  On that day [The Plaintiff] planned to have dinner at the La Cucina Italian Restaurant with her family.  [The Plaintiff] started to descend NCL’s steps and/or stairwell, held onto the handrail and walked down the steps and/or stairway.  [The Plaintiff] stepped on a landing between the first and second portion of NCL’s steps and/or stairwell.  NCL’s steps and/or stairwell caused [The Plaintiff] to trip and fall.

NCL’s base structure that is part of NCL’s steps and/or stairwell caused the Plaintiff to trip and fall and tumble down 4 to 6 steps.  After the fall, [The Plaintiff] went to the cruise ship’s infirmary for treatment of her injuries.
As a result of NCL’s unsafe conditions, passenger [The Plaintiff] tripped and fell and suffered severe and permanent injuries.  [The Plaintiff] suffered injuries including, but not limited to a fractured humerus to right arm. These injuries are permanent and significantly affect the life and abilities of [The Plaintiff].”