Cruise Ship Collides with Cargo Ship in Romania

Several news outlets are reporting that on October 5th a cruise ship slammed into a cargo ship in Tulcea waters, Romania. 


The incident took place at around 5:00 AM when the Prinzessin Isabella, which was carrying 165 passengers at the time, collided with a Panamanian cargo ship. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. Two passengers were hurt, but their injuries were reported not to be life-threatening. The only damage reported was to the exterior of the cruise ship. After the collision authorities found the cabins located on the upper deck of the ship crushed and torn open. The cargo ship suffered only minor damage on its exterior.

This was not the only occasion this year in which a cruise ship crashed into another vessel.

Earlier this year the MSC Opera cruise liner lost control while pulling into port and hit a small river boat that was docked on a congested pier in the touristic Italian of Venice.The MSC Opera has an occupancy of over 2,600 passengers, and this incident was so worrying that it mobilized locals’ and non-profit organizations’ representatives’ protests against cruise ships, demanding that they be banned.