Cruise Ship Brings Over 1,100 Hurricane Dorian Evacuees to Florida

In a rare bit of good news relating to the cruise industry, cruise companies continue to help victims of Hurricane Dorian. While many cruise ships have taken supplies such as food and water to the areas of the Bahamas that were most affected by the storm, one cruise line is helping victims flee their hurricane ravaged homeland and seek shelter in the United States. reports that the Grand Celebration cruise ship set sail from the U.S. and  delivered 112 tons of aid to the Bahamas last week, and then returned to its home port in South Florida with over 1,100 evacuees. 

The evacuees were met at port by various relief organizations including the Bahamian Relief Consortium. Many of the victims reportedly have family and friends in the U.S., and will lean on them for support. 

In a statement, the company that owns the Grand Celebration cruise ship, Paradise Cruise Line, said “The cruise line spent nearly a full day clearing potential evacuees, including vetting their visa and passport documentation.”