Cruise Passenger Tests Positive for Coronavirus – Other Passengers from Ship Leave Without Being Tested

Despite the heightened concern among cruise passengers during the ongoing international coronavirus pandemic, it appears that cruise officials have still not learned how to handle the long-reaching ramifications of sailing with COVID-19-positive passengers. reports that in early March a passenger aboard the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the positive test, those who were aboard the ship on the subsequent voyage were allowed to cruise and disembark in Miami without being subject to testing for the virus.

At first glance, it may seem that there is not a significant risk if the sick passenger disembarked from the ship before the next set of passengers boarded. But as in the case of the Grand Princess, which saw a coronavirus contagion break out in early March, the crew and several passengers stayed aboard the Meraviglia from one sailing to the next. In the case of the Grand Princess, the result was at least two dozen people testing positive for COVID-19 on the subsequent cruise. Authorities should have learned from that example and expanded testing to those who were at highest risk aboard the Meraviglia. 

The report states that 103 passengers and crew stayed aboard the MSC Meraviglia from one sailing to the next.