Cruise Line Gives Passengers Choice of Sail in Midst of Hurricane Dorian Or Refund

For days cruise companies have been rescheduling itineraries and warning travelers who are already at sea that they may be returning home later than expected.These changes come as Hurricane Dorian strengthens in the Caribbean with a trajectory that seems to be headed for Florida. With this as the backdrop, the operators of the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line had a decision to make: do they go ahead with a planned cruise to the Bahamas or do they cancel? Instead of making the decision themselves they instead left the decision to passengers.

In a somewhat unusual move, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line offered passengers refunds if they opted not to sail, but also decided to go ahead with the embarkation as normal. The move seems to be the company’s way of acknowledging that many travelers would be fearful of sailing in the midst of a hurricane while simultaneously signaling that the company felt it would be safe to set sail.

Reporting on the story, WPTV interviewed many travelers who decided to go ahead and board the ship. After traveling from different parts of the country to Florida in order to take the cruise, many people seemed willing to take the risk.