Cruise Injury Suit Statue of Limitation Persists Despite COVID-19

Most cruising worldwide stopped between March and April 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged across the globe. As authorities realized that not only were cruise passengers falling ill with coronavirus by the hundreds but that they were also disembarking from the ships and carrying the virus into their various countries of disembarkation, ports closed and cruise lines began to cancel itineraries.

Though the cruise industry has largely shut down, the judicial system has not. Those who have been the victim of cruise ship sexual assault or injury must still file their lawsuits according to the statute of limitations.

In general, you must file your cruise ship sexual assault or injury suit within one year of the date of the incident. As most cruises had wrapped up by March or April 2020, this means that the statute of limitations for even those potential suits is fast approaching. If you suffered a cruise-related sexual assault or injury, do not wait to file suit.

Another important aspect of filing a suit is where to file. When you board a cruise ship you tacitly agree to the cruise contract, as outlined in the cruise ticket. This contract specifies the jurisdiction in which you must file suit against the cruise line. For many major cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, suits must be filed in Miami, Florida.

In summary, if you have been injured aboard a cruise ship or during a cruise excursion, you should file your suit immediately in order to avoid running afoul of the statute of limitation. Also, you must file your suit in the correct jurisdiction.  If you need additional assistance with determining the statute of limitation deadline and proper jurisdiction, contact our firm immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death on a cruise ship, contact us today. We will lead you on the journey to justice. We will show you the way. We will explain the process, what we have done, and what we will do. Take our hand and walk with us. We have a team ready for you now.