Cruise Companies Take Measures to Reassure Travelers

With so many news reports relating to cruise travel and coronavirus, it is normal for people to wonder if they should continue with their plans to cruise. The industry has slowly become cognizant of passengers’ concerns and is slowly beginning to make changes in an attempt to alleviate their concerns. 

Cruise companies have slashed prices in an attempt to attract more travelers. Some have also liberalized their refund and cancellation policies. 

  • On its website, Carnival Cruise Line has a page dedicated to its response to coronavirus. On the page, the company discusses its enhanced screening of passengers and gives tips on how passengers can stay safe.
  • Royal Caribbean is giving its passengers the opportunity to cancel any cruise from now until July 31, 2020, and passengers will receive a “Future Cruise Credit.” Passengers must cancel at least 48 hours before the scheduled sailing in order to obtain the credit.
  • Norwegian posted its safety measures which include subjecting passengers to health questionnaires before boarding and testing passengers and crew for signs of coronavirus