Crash Involving Charlotte County School Bus Hospitalizes Six Students and the Bus Driver

A crash involving a school bus and a van left and six students and a bus driver injured late last week. reports that the crash happened at about 9 a.m. on Jones Loop Road in Charlotte County. The bus was carrying 24 students on board and was headed to Punta Gorda Middle School when a utility van rear-ended it. Apparently, the bus had stopped at a railroad track near US-41 when the crash occurred.

The collision left the bus damaged and injured six students and the bus driver. They were hurt significantly enough that they had to be hospitalized. Despite the damages suffered to the bus, the bus driver was able to drive away from the scene of the crash. Meanwhile, the van was towed.

Claudette Bennett, a CCS of public information officer, said that the crash had occurred due to distracted driving, adding that “The fact that this was a school bus and there were kids involved, makes it a lot more traumatizing.”

Charlotte County Sheriff’s office says that it has cited the driver of the van for failure to use care, which carries a penalty of a $179 fine and up to four points.

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