Conception Moved to Navy Base for Further Study into Cause of Deadly Fire

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Posted: September 16, 2019

As authorities conduct both safety and criminal probes into the deadly fire that killed 34 people aboard the California dive boat Conception earlier this month, the vessel has been transferred to a Southern California Navy base for further study. reports that the Conception was transferred to Port Hueneme on Friday morning. The NTSB is currently studying the wreckage of the boat, searching for clues as to what caused the fire that resulted in the deaths of nearly three dozen people. In its preliminary report on Thursday the NTSB reported that the six crew members aboard the ship were asleep when the fire broke out. According to federal regulations at least one crew member was supposed to keep watch over night. 

The report indicates that authorities wish to speak with the Conception’s captain, Jerry Boylan, but as of Friday Boylan’s attorney was unsure if he had been cooperating. The Conception tragedy falls under a special area of law called maritime law. There are relatively few attorneys nationwide who have significant experience practicing in this specific legal field. 

Many experts are calling the Conception tragedy the worst maritime tragedy in the modern history of California.