Carnival Pride Passenger Medically Evacuated from Ship Operation that Stretched the Range of Coast Guard Copter

A Carnival Cruises passenger was evacuated from the Carnival Pride over the weekend due to a medical emergency, in an operation that “stretched the range” of the rescue aircraft, the U.S. Coast Guard said. reports that the Coast Guard received the request for help when a 34-year-old passenger began suffering from medical complications which required assistance beyond the immediate capabilities of the Carnival Pride’s medics. 

When the Coast Guard first received the call, the ship was approximately 230 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ship’s authorities and Coast Guard officials arranged for the rescue craft to meet the Pride approximately 75 miles off the coast of San Juan. 

“This case really stretched the range of our MH-65 helicopter. This medevac’s success was due to the combination of our crew’s training and efficiency with Carnival Pride’s professional conduct throughout the operation,” said Coast Guard helicopter pilot Katy Caraway in a press release. 

Authorities did not release specific information about the man’s medical emergency or his current status.