Carnival Inspiration Passengers Trapped in Elevator for Over an Hour

A group of cruise passengers claims to have been trapped in a cruise ship elevator for over an hour. reports that the passengers were traveling on the Carnival Inspiration when they became trapped. 

When the cruise passengers were finally rescued, they report that crew members were insensitive to their plight. The passengers say that they were mocked and blamed for the situation. One passenger says that a crew member told them that  “another 45 minutes won’t kill anyone after being stuck for over an hour with sick passengers on board.”

Adding insult to injury, the passengers say that they were banned from Carnival cruises for life after the incident. 

The passengers were reportedly issued letters which read “This letter will confirm your discussion with Carnival Cruise Line (“Carnival Inspiration”) personnel where you were informed that you will be disembarked from the vessel and not permitted to sail onboard any Carnival Cruise Line vessel in the future.”