Carnival Fantasy Earns Lowest Score Ever on CDC Sanitation Inspection

Every year the U.S. Centers for Disease Control conducts sanitation inspections of the cruise ships that call on the U.S. The inspections yield a score, with 86 out of 100 being the minimum passing score. Recently, the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship earned a score of just 77 out of 100, putting it well into the failing range. 

FOX10News reports that the CDC conducts the inspections twice per year at unannounced times. 2-4 inspectors review the ships inside and out during inspections, which can last up to 12 hours. 

Of the many infractions CDC inspections noted, including “brown water” being inappropriately discharged and numerous kitchen related violations, the most serious may have been the “visible film” inspectors noted floating in the pool. 

The unsanitary pool is concerning in light of the fact that officials recently  discovered several cases of Legionnaires Disease which were tied to an Atlanta area Sheraton hotel. Legionnaires Disease is a virulent form of pneumonia which can be spread through water systems. In particular, the Georgia Department of Health website says that “The bacteria grow best in warm water and can be found in shower heads and faucets, hot tubs, cooling towers, hot water tanks, decorative fountains or plumbing systems in large buildings.”

Legionnaires Disease outbreaks have also been tied to cruise ship hot tubs.