Carnival Denies Rumor That It Plans To Sell Two Subsidiaries

Internet rumors have been circulating about the future of two Carnival Cruise Lines subsidiaries. reports that a popular website asserted that Carnival is looking to sell Cunard and Seabourn cruise lines, without naming any sources of the information. Though this would keep in line with other published reports that indicate Carnival is looking to sell at least 13 cruise ships this year, the company has denied the allegations relating to selling Cunard and Seabourn.

In a statement addressing the rumors, Carnival spokesperson Roger Frizell emphatically denied the assertion, stating “There is no truth to this [rumor]…Cunard and Seabourn are iconic brands for our company, and both lines have a strong track record of success over the years.”

The article notes that it is interesting that Carnival denied the rumor quickly and firmly, which is not necessarily how the company has handled similar rumors in the past. Especially considering the fact that carnival has acknowledged that it is looking to sell multiple cruise ships, it’s denial relating to selling Cunard and Seabourn seems to indicate that the company truly does not have any intention of selling the lines, for now.

Carnival has currently suspended its operations through the month of September. It is still to be seen whether the company will resume operations in October.