Broward County Family Seeks Justice for Woman Killed in Crash

The family of a Broward woman is demanding justice after she was hit and killed by a vehicle while riding her bicycle. reports that 44-year-old Sunny LaValle was struck by a car as she rode her bike along Bonaventure Boulevard in Weston on May 23. LaValle’s mother, Cheri Surloff, insists that her daughter was a careful bike rider and that the person who struck her had been driving off-road shortly before the collision.

Authorities believe that Oion Syvell Johnson struck LaValle after driving some distance on the grassy shoulder. Though 24-year-old Johnson has not been charged with the crime, Broward County authorities continue to investigate the tragedy.

LaValle’s mother believes that Johnson may be getting off easy after killing her daughter. “I know it won’t bring her back, nothing will bring my Sunny back, but I can’t have Gabie growing up and saying the man that killed my mother was sleeping and now he’s frolicking in some club,” she said.

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