British Diamond Princess Passenger Dies of Coronavirus

The epic quarantine of the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan will doubtlessly be studied by scientists for years to come. What started off as a single coronavirus infection ballooned to over 700 people in just under six weeks. The ship was quarantined from February 3 to February 19, resulting in the deaths of at least six people. The most recent casualty from the Diamond Princess was a British citizen. reports that after leaving the ship the British citizen remained under quarantine in Japan and was the first foreign passenger to die from coronavirus. The passenger was also the first British citizen to die from coronavirus. 

U.S. authorities evacuated American hundreds of passengers from the Diamond Princess near the end of the ship’s quarantine period. The former passengers are under quarantine at a military base in California. 

While the authorities have allowed the Diamond Princess passengers to leave the ship, many of its crew members remain aboard the vessel. An advisory said that “Princess Cruises has hired Aspen Medical, an award-winning and WHO-certified company with extensive global experience in delivering public health services, to provide team members with health and well-being care during quarantine at a land-based center in Japan.”