Bridge Collapse at Florida International University (FIU) Leaves Many Dead and Injured

A newly constructed $14.2 million bridge at Florida International University collapsed today, leaving several people dead and injured.

Authorities say that a 950 ton section of the pedestrian bridge collapsed as it was undergoing “some sort of stress test”, reports The article also indicates that authorities were employing the help of approximately 100 firefighters and rescue dogs in the search for survivors, in a search that Florida Senator Bill Nelson said will last through the night.

Victims suffered from wide variety of injuries, including broken bones, “severe extremity injuries”, and cardiac arrest. reports that officials at Florida International University previously indicated that the bridge was being constructed using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods. The article says that the officials “said the modular construction method reduces potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and minimizes traffic interruptions.”

The failure appears to be in the middle of the bridge.  That means that the cause is either a gross miscalculation by the engineers of the load or a defect in the pre cast concrete and rebar used to form the span of the bridge or both.