Boy Scouts of America Faces Nearly 90,000 Sex Abuse Claims

The Boy Scouts of America is facing nearly 90,000 sex abuse claims as a Monday deadline neared to submit claims against the organization. reports that as the 5:00 p.m. Monday deadline approached, the number of cases filed had already surpassed 88,500.  The vast majority of the claims are from incidents that occurred in the 1960s-1980s, after which the Boy Scouts implemented stricter controls and training in order to better help protect participants.

In a statement, the Boy Scouts said, “We are devastated by the number of lives impacted by past abuse in Scouting and moved by the bravery of those who have come forward.” “We are heartbroken that we cannot undo their pain,” the organization added.

The Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy protection in February as sex abuse claims mounted. The current avalanche of claims will likely lead to a compensation fund from which victims of the abuse will be paid. NBC News reports that the size of the compensation fund has still not been determined.

In a startling comparison, the Torts Claimants Committee said that there have been more claims filed in the Boy Scouts case than have been in all of the Catholic Church abuse claims across the country.

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