Boaters Rescued After Drifting Miles Out to Sea

Four boaters required rescuing off Dania Beach Friday afternoon, after drifting dangerously far out to sea. reports that the group was sailing off the coast of Dania Beach when their vessel began to drift and take on water. Eventually, they would drift 6 miles out to sea.

The men’s rescue was helped by the fact that one of them had brought his cell phone along on the voyage. He was able to use the phone to direct U.S. Coast Guard and Broward Sheriff’s Office officials toward their location. Even still, the likelihood of the men’s rescue was exceedingly slim.

“The chances of finding someone out in the middle of the ocean, it’s rare,” said engineer Zach Goodwin.

Another factor in their favor was that the men had life vests which allowed them to hold out longer than they otherwise would have.

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