BMW Defect Causes Parked Cars to Catch Fire

BMW owners are increasingly alarmed following several incidents of the vehicles spontaneously bursting into flames. reports that one such incident occurred in September when a Chicago family’s BMW ignited as owner Lina Ricchio dropped her daughter off at school. Interestingly, Ricchio says that the car was parked and not running at the time.

“Thank God me and my daughter were not in the vehicle,” she said, adding that she was in shock after seeing her car go up in flames.

BMW has issued recalls for vehicles due to fire hazard, but Ricchio’s 2009 BMW SUV was not included. In all, BMW has issued at least five recalls due to fire-related hazards.

The ABC Chicago report says that in 2017 ABC investigated a series of fires involving BMW vehicles across the country. Over 40 of those cases involved parked cars that spontaneously caught fire.

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