Brightline Train Collision Survivor Feels Luck to be Alive

The victim of a vehicle crash involving a sedan and a Brightline train is speaking out about how lucky she feels to be alive.

The crash, which occurred on April 4, saw Amy Charal’s Nissan collide with the train as she attempted to circumvent an SUV that was on the train tracks Near Dixie Hwy. close to Aventura.

“The car in front of me signaled that I go around when I beeped at him, and that’s the only reason I stepped on the gas. The car starts spinning me and I all I see is the Brightline going by and I just say I have to get out of the car,” she said.

The event left Charal shaking up but happy to be alive. “I always loved life, but I love life more than ever,” she told Local10.

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