Bicycle Head Trauma Victim Becomes Advocate for Bike Safety

In case you did not know, May is National Bike Safety Month. Every May experts take the opportunity to underscore bike safety measures including wearing helmets and avoiding distractions such as cell phones while biking. reports that a local teen, 13-year-old Andreas Rochelle, has a very special message to share about bike safety. In Fall 2020 Rochelle went out for a ride with his friends and skipped his customary routine of fastening on his helmet. As fate would have it, during the unprotected ride Rochelle fell and hit his head, triggering a brain bleed called an epidural hematoma.

After the fall Rochelle called his father complaining that he could not hear. He was taken to  Broward Health Medical Center where doctors performed emergency surgery to release the blood.

Rochelle came through his ordeal and 6 months later was able to mount his bike again. Now he is an advocate for helmet use, using a helmet even for brief trips around the block.

The article says that approximately 800 people die every year in bicycle accidents, with a significant number of those deaths stemming from head injuries.

During this National Bike Safety Month Hickey Law Firm, P.A. encourages you and your family to ensure that you observe bike safety best practices as you take to South Florida’s roads. 

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