Baltimore Based Royal Caribbean Ship Returns to Port Due to Mechanical Problems

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship returned to port in Baltimore just hours after setting sail on Saturday, after the ship suffered from a mechanical issue that the company felt would make the voyage untenable. 

The Grandeur of the Seas returned to Port Covington shortly after departing from port due to mechanical issues affecting the ship’s propulsion system. Royal Caribbean cancelled the sailing. 

In a statement Caribbean spokeswoman Melissa Charbonneau said “The Grandeur of the Seas has experienced a technical issue with its propulsion system and was forced to discontinue the sailing and return to Baltimore for necessary repairs.” “We understand this is an unfortunate inconvenience for our guests and sincerely apologize for the interruption in their travel plans,” she added.

Disappointed travelers took to Twitter to voice their frustration about the cancellation. Many seemed to indicate that Royal Caribbean would not be offering any assistance for those who were financially inconvenienced by the trip’s cancellation. 

Royal Caribbean also announced itinerary changes due to Hurricane Dorian. The changes can be found here