Auto Manufacturer KIA Recalls Vehicles for Second Time Due to Fire Risk

Auto manufacturer KIA is recalling vehicles for the second time in relation to a defect that can cause the vehicles’ engines to catch fire. reports that KIA is recalling over 440,000 cars and SUVs due to a defect that could cause brake fluid to leak into the control panel, potentially causing an electrical short. This could cause the vehicles to catch fire, even while parked.

Due to the danger of fire KIA is recommending that vehicle owners park the vehicles outside until the owners have had an opportunity to bring the vehicles to KIA for repairs. The repair involves installing a new fuse and inspecting the vehicle’s computers.

KIA has reported half a dozen fires in Optima and Sorrento models, with some of the fires apparently leading to “isolated melting.” Though there have been no reports of injuries, one dealer reported a melting incident even after the car had been fixed in a previous recall.

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