Authorities Offer Salvatore Anello Plea Deal In Cruise Ship Death of His Granddaughter

As the Wiegand family prepares to sue Royal Caribbean for the death of their daughter Chloe, Salvatore Anello, Chloe’s grandfather, faces serious charges in relation to her death. reports that Anello is being prosecuted by authorities in Puerto Rico for negligent homicide. Anello was holding Chloe close to an open window aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship which was docked at Puerto Rico when she fell to her death. 

The family was shocked when Puerto Rican authorities announced that they would pursue criminal charges against Anello. Now it seems that Anello may have a chance to escape potential jail time with a plea deal. reports that Anello’s attorney has indicated that Anello is in talks with Puerto Rican authorities to plead guilty to negligent homicide in exchange for no jail time and light probation and supervision. 

Anello’s attorney said that Anello does not want to plead guilty, but it appears Anello has not made a decision on the plea deal as of yet.