Authorities Continue to Search for Dozens of Missing Migrants

38 people remain missing off the Florida coast after the boat on which they were sailing capsized Saturday night. reports that the group was involved with a suspected human smuggling operation. Of the original 40 who originally set out 1 has been found alive and 1 has been found dead.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Jo-Ann F. Burdian the boat set off from the Bahamas on Saturday and at some point ran into a storm. After the Good Samaritans rescued the survivor on Tuesday, he told authorities of the other 39 people.

Authorities have been searching for the migrants for about a day and a half, and have only located the body of one deceased victim.

Commenting on the theory that the vessel may have been carrying people who were involved with human trafficking, a U.S. Department Of Homeland Security official said “You’re dealing with criminal organizations that have no value for human life or safety. It’s really victimizing the migrants. It’s just about the money.

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