Authorities Continue to Search For Cause of Deaths at Sandals Resort

It has been several days since three American tourists fell ill and died at a Sandals resort in the Bahamas. Despite an ongoing investigation, Bahamas police do not seem to have a firm idea as to what went wrong. 

Paul Rolle, Bahamas police commissioner, said that the force is taking samples from not only the victims but also from their room and surrounding areas in an attempt to ascertain the cause of death.

“We really want to know what caused this,” Rolle said. 

The victims are identified as Michael 68-year-old Michael Phillips and 65-year-old Robbie Phillips of Tennessee, and 64-year-old Paul Chiarella of Florida. Chiarella’s wife Donnis fell ill as well but has thus far survived. Authorities evacuated her to a Florida hospital where she is in serious condition. 

Authorities are declining to speculate as to what caused the tragedy but for now are ruling out foul play.