Authorities Arrest Boater for Killing Girl in May Boating Crash

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Posted: December 29, 2020

Authorities have arrested a Florida man following a boat crash that killed a young girl earlier this year. reports that prosecutors have arrested 40-year-old Andrew Miltner and charged him with boating under the influence, manslaughter, and vessel homicide.

Authorities say that on May 17 Mitner had been drinking when he took his Yamaha WaveRunner out on the Alafia River. As Mitner went up the river from Riverview Park and Civic Center, he struck a tube in which Jasina Campbell was traveling with a 13-year-old friend.

The collision killed Jasina and injured her friend.

Authorities say that the pandemic made gathering evidence of the crime more difficult, leading to a 7-month investigation period.

Authorities arrested Mitner on December 7 and booked him on $150,000 bond.