Attending a Super Bowl Party? Do Not Drive Home Drunk

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Super Bowl Sunday sees an average of 22% more drunk driving accidents than any other Sunday throughout the year. If you plan on driving home after a Super Bowl party this year, stay sober. If you plan on drinking, arrange for a ride home.

Making one of these choices can help keep you and everyone else on the road safer.

Is Drunk Driving Really a Problem in Florida?

Florida saw a drop in all accidents caused by drunk and intoxicated drivers between 2019 and 2020, along with a 26% decrease in injurious accidents caused by intoxicated drivers and a 33% decrease in fatal accidents. Despite this, nearly 750 people lost their lives in accidents involving intoxicated drivers in the state of Florida in 2020. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, intoxicated drivers caused 29%, nearly one-third, of all fatal motor vehicle accidents that year.

When you are injured or a loved one is killed by a drunk or intoxicated driver, you have every right to hold that person accountable and seek compensation for all related damages. This is true irrespective of criminal charges but may require an attorney to handle appropriately. If you suspect you would benefit from legal assistance, give us a call today to schedule a free case review and learn how we can help.

Take Your Time

In addition to driving sober on Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to also drive defensively. Give cars around you plenty of room to maneuver, use your turn signals, and remain courteous to your fellow motorists. Taking time to get to and from your destination can provide additional space for reaction when you are in danger of an accident. It can also help to prevent your causing an accident, further protecting you and everyone on the road from serious injury.

If you are injured or a loved one is killed while driving to or from a Super Bowl party this year, Hickey Law Firm may be able to help you recover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and personal pain and suffering. Give us a call at 305-371-8000 to schedule a free case review today.

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