Another Princess Cruise Ship Suffering Possible Coronavirus Contagion

Coronavirus fears are causing yet another Princess cruise voyage disruption, as authorities screen passengers aboard a large ship following a significant coronavirus scare. 

Authorities are detaining the 3,500 passenger Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of Northern California, after a passenger who had recently sailed on the ship recently died from coronavirus. Officials say that approximately 62 passengers currently aboard the ship had sailed on the previous voyage with the victim. 

While the majority of the passengers from the previous voyage disembarked the ship at the end of the cruise, 62 passengers stayed on the ship for another sailing. Authorities are now testing to see if any of them contracted the virus and if they potentially passed it on to others. reports that a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter delivered a shipment of test kits to the ship on Thursday. Ship authorities have quasi-quarantined the vessel’s passengers, asking them to stay in their rooms while they wait for the test results.