Another Miami Building Evacuated As Authorities Prepare to Demolish Champlain Towers South

Following the collapse of the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside, Florida, local authorities have been working around the clock not only to search for survivors and remains but also to identify other local buildings that may be vulnerable to collapse. It appears that North Miami officials have identified just such a building, as they have ordered its residents to evacuate. reports that the Crestview Towers building is about 7 miles from Champlain Towers. After the building’s condo association submitted a report that pointed to significant structural issues with the tower, officials decided to evacuate. 

“There has been no collapse and no one has been injured – this is a precautionary measure based on their inspection report,” said an official quoted by The report says that the building is both structurally and electrically unsafe.

Meanwhile, Miami officials are preparing to demolish the Champlain Towers South building on Sunday. Officials expressed sympathy with those whose loved ones were lost in the collapse and admitted that balancing the search and rescue effort with the need to rescue workers safe is a significant challenge. 

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